Ed sheeran changed my life tonight

Ed sheeran changed my life tonight

Aug 27 ·11:10pm
Aug 25 ·05:01pm

I write to you like a lover
but we have never been in love.
Three AM and I’m sending snapshots
of my heart because you are the only one
who isn’t afraid to look at them.
Sometimes we kiss for no reason.
Sometimes I go crawling into your bed
because I need a space to belong to
and your hands are steadier
than mine have ever been.
Sometimes you get lost
and you wind up on my doorstep,
but it’s okay—
you’re always welcome here.
I tell you all the secrets I’ve been
keeping from myself while you
peel apart at the edges and admit
to all the soft things you pretend
you don’t know how to feel.
We understand each other, here.
My sheets know all our demons.
We don’t touch like that in the daytime,
but at night you are all hands
and I am all teeth
and we are a double-hinged door
slammed open by the wind.
We work that way.
It’s easy as breathing:
two kindred souls wrapped up together
in the same skin.

Best Friends With Benefits, by Ashe Vernon (via vapourise)

This too

Aug 25 ·03:48pm

One day we’ll both
forget the storms we danced through.
You’ll find a nice girl
to fall into peace with
and you’ll forget about the days
we lost our minds together.
I’ll be across the world
and still know the exact moment
it happens.
I’ll pretend that I don’t
and I’ll forget you
the way I forget every dream
I’m not brave enough for.
I’ll meet someone who reminds
me of the years I gave my best
to a boy who held me like he meant it.
And I want you to know that it
could have been you.
That it almost was you,
but we didn’t know how to be good for each other
and how to stay that way.
In another world, it is you,
and we’re better for it.
I hope you know that I wanted that.
That a part of me always will.

Y.Z, sinking ships and ghost town islands (via rustyvoices)

Phg I will always always always love you…

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This fucked me up

Aug 25 ·03:47pm
Aug 25 ·03:45pm
Aug 25 ·01:12pm

If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little, she’s not the one.

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Aug 24 ·09:37pm
✨Good vibes only ✨

✨Good vibes only ✨

Aug 24 ·07:47pm
🎩Selfie Sunday? More like selfie everyday..AM I RIGHT LADIES?!

🎩Selfie Sunday? More like selfie everyday..AM I RIGHT LADIES?!

Aug 24 ·07:46pm
Aug 23 ·06:17pm

So my friend just got proposed to


So my friend just got proposed to

Aug 23 ·05:52pm




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Aug 22 ·10:57pm
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